Perception & Receptivity

 As one's life purpose may be defined, I can freely express that mine is to be receptive to Spirit and share it's expression intuitively.

This translates in my helping others to acknowledge the profound influence the interaction of the unseen and seen forces of Nature have upon their lives. The modality I choose to convey this connection is rather eclectic - the ancient science of Feng Shui, blended with my Celtic heritage.

Living/working environments, land/earth-scapes "speak" to me. Whether a single word or whole conversation; a whisper or shout; the insight I gain from this dialogue achieves a heightened perception and receptivity as to the magic and wonder of the natural world, its powerfully intangible connections to the built world and that of the sacred energetics forever undulating within, without. Together, this "Trinity" imbues a Sense of Place.

My approach, as a consultant, is to accentuate Sense of Place and assist clients to achieve greater perception and receptivity toward those aspects within their living/working environments that do not support a holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


It is this "sense of place" which nurtures our well-being
Body, Mind, and Soul.



     Ripple Effect: Of Wind & Water

Perception & Receptivity Sessions

Feng Shui: residential & commercial; interior & outdoor living environments

Garden Sanctuaries: consultation & conceptual planning focused on personal sacred space.

Environmental Art: location, procurement, installation