Thom Maxwell-Miller has more than 30 years of experience in directing design, implementation, management and long-term sustainability of large-scale environmentally sensitive projects; specializing in bioclimatic environments, conceptual design, strategic planning, and sustainable development strategies. He has successfully completed botanical gardens, ecosystem preservation and redevelopment, zoological exhibits, public works projects, parks, schools, stadiums, country clubs, and large scale residential projects.

An environmental development specialist, he has served as an expert witness to the California State License Board, HOA's, Law Firms and Contractors. He has lectured on construction management, water management, political action, and environmental quality. While active in the CLCA, ASLA, ALCA, and GCSAA, he served four terms on the CLCA State Executive Board of Directors, and served as State Chairman and liaison to the CSLB and Cal-Trans. As a founding member of the San Diego Xeriscape Council, he was involved in the planning, fundraising and implementation of major Xeriscape gardens. Mr. Maxwell-Miller holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Science, Urban Planning - Resource Management.

The keys to our proficiency lie in the involvement level and experience of our principals. 


Garnelle Maxwell-Miller, co-founder of Ecosystems Imagery, brings significant experience and skill in owner representation, concept development, cost management, resource stewardship, creative landscape facilitation, garden sanctuaries and environmental art.

Over three decades she has integrated the sentient and intangible forces of nature with the tangible aspects of exterior living space. Ms. Maxwell-Miller's holistic approach assists clients to perceive landscape as Spirit; nurturing their ability to sensitize and resonate with that which profoundly influences well being, creativity and inspiration.

Through private consultation and seminars she assists in the discovery, insight and appreciation intrinsic to acknowledging a "sense of place", helping owners and developers understand and connect with the nature and best use practices for their environments and investments. Ms. Maxwell-Miller holds a Masters Degree in Consumer Sciences, Research & Development, a lifetime California College Teaching Credential, and is an alumna of the Western School of Feng Shui.