Ecosystems Imagery is the honored recipient of over 120 County, State, and National Environmental Awards; including presentations from former Interior Secretary Stuart Udall and Lady Bird Johnson.

Program Management

  • Program Development

  • Owner - Architect - Contractor Representation

  • Project/Construction Management

  • Estimating & Financial Strategies

  • Constructability Review

  • Management Consulting

  • Bid Administration

  • Claims Avoidance & Dispute Resolution

  • Construction Forensics - Expert Witness

          Environmental Engineering

          Sustainable Practices

          Grading & Drainage

          Landscape & Irrigation

          Cost Review - Efficiency


          Water Features


Resource Development

  • Feng Shui: Interior/ Exterior

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Municipalities

  • Pre-Construction Consultation

  • Ambient Energy Assessment

  • Land/Earth-scape Analysis

  • Landscape Conceptual Planning

  • Garden Sanctuaries

  • Environmental Art

  • Design Consulting

  • Material Procurement Assistance

  • Specimen Tree Location

  • Receptivity Training

From concept to reality – we have completed an extensive complement of award winning projects

Ecosystems Imagery provides a depth of experience that is unmatched in the industry.  Speciality healing gardens to regional parks, private estates to planned communities, resorts to zoos: concept to reality – we have completed an extensive complement of award winning projects.  We offer that experience as management consultants, providing the owner an authoritative advocate on their team.

Our objective is to recognize opportunities from concept through construction and continuing maturity.  We specialize in client representation and empowerment by exercising imagery and understanding of the long-term goals, resources, and commitments to progressive creativity.   We encourage a partnership with nature by exploring the intrinsic energy in the natural state of the site, examining the possibilities that present themselves during grading and site development, discovering views and environments created by key features and trees - visualizing the growth and layers of the Ecosystem. 

Our program management services provide the owner, designers, and contractors with a mutually beneficial value while ensuring quality.  Value engineering has become an excuse for slashing budgets, when it should represent an improved path to maximize quality while maintaining reasonable costs. Good planning and supervision, balanced with properly anticipated scheduling, create an exceptional path for quality assurance – while controlling cost due to untimely tasks, duplication of effort, or delays.