Environmental Projects

Newport Beach Civic Center and Parks Complex, Newport Beach, CA

Project and construction management consultation for Park West Landscape; including one of the city's largest parks and an expansion of the Newport Beach Central Library. The 16 acre park includes a dog park, a civic lawn for outdoor events, civic art displays, restored wetlands, walking and viewing trails. Extensive earth removal was required to assure that the parking structure and city office building maintained a view plan that protected the harbor and ocean vistas. Storm water is captured both from the site and the surrounding major streets, to be treated onsite before discharge into Newport Bay.

Vulcan Mountain Habitat Conservation and Restoration

Provided habitat condition assessment and ecological management for the Hunters Camp portion of Vulcan Mountain Natural Areas, in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy, under contract to and direction of the Vulcan Mountain Preserve Foundation. This critical work includes fuel management planning and observation, degraded soils stabilization and regeneration, native species restoration, exotic species mitigation, storm water management and erosion control, and vision planning for long-term restoration and conservation of sensitive habitat. Partnering with Ecosystems Imagery in this project were Morrison Studio, Landscape Architecture and Dr. Steven Handel, Department of Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources, Rutgers University.

Melding pragmatism with perception, the tangible with intuition, and science with metaphysics, we provide an integrated array of professional services related to the oversight and coordination in the discovery, design and delivery of outdoor spaces.

San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA

Irrigation and water feature design, landscape construction, habitat and bioclimatic exhibits for public display - breeding environment for endangered species. Highlights include:

East African Kopje – Bateleur Eagle, Dwarf Mongoose, Klipspringer, Wattled Lapwing, White-crowned Shrike. Horticultural highlights: Candelabra aloe, African sumac, Red spurge, Kei apple, Bitter aloe, and Dwarf coral.

Tiger River Trail - Sumatra Tiger, Fishing Cats, Tapirs, Reticulated Python, Fresh-water Crocodiles, Milky Storks. Horticultural highlights: Javan bamboo, Coral trees, Flame trees, Ginger collections. Special Effects: Design and installation of fog and mist systems.

Sun Bear Forest – Sun Bears, Lion-tailed Macaques, Binturongs, Silver-leaf Langurs, Spotted Hyenas. Horticultural highlights: Ginger garden, Southeast Asian Rainforest, Glorybower, Shaving brush palm.

Gorilla Tropics & Scripps Aviary – Gorillas, Bonobos, Colobus Monkeys, Crowned Eagles, African Jacanas. Horticultural highlights: Tulip trees, Bananas, Coral trees, Sausage trees, Ficus trees, Bamboo collections. Special effects: Design and construction of Monsoon rain & flash flood systems.

Heart of the Zoo, Treetops, Australasia, Golden Monkey – Golden Monkey, Micronesian Kingfishers, Blue-crowned Pigeons, Riggiana Birds of Paradise, Wrinkled Hornbills. Area includes the Treehouse Café and Albert's Restaurant.

U.S. Navy, Pt. Loma Submarine Base, San Diego, CA.

Environmental restoration of degraded specialty habitat for Great Blue Heron, Gray Heron, Black Heron, Greater and Lesser Egret. Design and construction of interim and permanent habitat destroyed by 50+ years of military activity, including artillery and bunker emplacements and multiple training areas. Work included: procuring entry permits, security documentation for workers and specialists, site demolition and clean up, grading and soil remediation, placement of temporary migratory bird habitat, planting and irrigation of permanent habitat.

Water Conservation Gardens, Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego, CA.

Construction management and union apprentice coordination for the preservation of historical architectural elements and new structural elements, landscape and irrigation construction, for a water conservation and educational facility under direction of the San Diego County Water Authority.

Batiquitos Lagoon Watershed, Carlsbad, CA.

Restoration of seasonal wetlands and sensitive habitat, propagation of endangered native plant species, reestablishment of drainageways and mitigation areas, erosion and water quality assurance for approximately 60 acres of upstream impact area.

Quail Botanical Gardens (San Diego Botanic Garden), Encinitas, CA.

Rainforest bioclimatic demonstration gardens and educational exhibits. Waterfalls, lake, mountain streams, rain and fog systems, rainforest horticultural collection of over 200 species.

Pala Casino & Park, Pala, CA.

Environmental studies and planning, 200 acre river and habitat restoration, Tribal casino and hotel development.