Creative Synergy

Partnering with like-minded souls is a logical progression of my life's purpose: to understand and share how nature intrinsically demonstrates and provides the sustenance to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

As cofounder of Ecosystems Imagery my goal was to provide dynamic environmental site development while helping raise awareness and commitment to our natural world. Our business ethics placed us with many excellent clients, enabling us to advance public and private gardens, for symbiotic recharging and educational sharing. My entrepreneurial spirit thrives on challenges that intimidate others, and I envision future partnerships with like-minded individuals.

I have been honed and polished by years of experience with demanding high profile projects, politics and clients, and I bring a broad spectrum of business and political experience, tempered by a passion for consensus and intelligent synergies.


My career reflects a commitment to actualize a venue of respectful understanding in bridging our image of the natural world with the built world – as a co-creative partnership between nature and man. I am drawn to people that "listen to" and "feel" the seen and unseen and to places of power that inspire environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


  •  Owner/Architect Representation

  •  Project Development

  •  Program Management

  •  Strategic Planning

  •  Team Management

  •  Contract Dispute Resolution

  •  Political Interface and Negotiation

  •  Estimating - Cost Forecasting

  •  Value Engineering

  •  Construction Administration

  •  Project Scheduling

  •  Quality Control and Assurance

  •  Environmental Stewardship

  • Sustainability Engineering